Cross-device in real-time

MADNETex is a hybrid RTB platform serving display and mobile ads. Advertisers can apply this unique tool to purchase any type of traffic with automated audience optimization option. Publishers receive an “all-in-one” tool to monetize all ad inventory.




MADNETex is a high-tech hybrid programmatic buying platform powered by Real Time Bidding technology.


  • Brand and performance based advertising
  • Wide choice of ad formats and targeting options in CPM, CPC, CPA
  • Single access point to worldwide traffic
  • Automated real-time optimization
  • Real time stats


  • Modern SSP solution to increase your income
  • Simple to integrate SDK
  • Full range of ad management tools – house, direct, network, rtb
  • Fine tweaking for traffic monetization
  • Wide choice of ad formats and sizes
  • Real time stats

Cross-platform solution

The ecosystem of MADNETex is designed for efficient cross-platform ad campaign management.

Demand-Side Platform

MADNETex DSP is a real time programmatic buying platform connected to a range of auctions and traffic sources.

Cost Optimization

Our probability modeling and automated decision making module ensures maximum accuracy and efficiency of results.

Sell-Side Platform

For mobile developers and website owners MADNETex is a unique “all-in-one” solution for the whole complex monetization process.

Advanced stats

Our analytics and reporting system provides real time data. We are capable of generating reports of any desirable complexity to give the basis for in-depth campaign analysis.

Data Management Platform

For those seeking maximum efficiency for each ad campaign our DMP module will help to tweak their unique audience segmentation.

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Global reach

Integration with a great number of traffic sources, third-party SSP system, and our own network give a global reach of more than 150 bln impressions per day in more than 60 countries.

Monetization under control

MADNETex optimizes ad impressions automatically taking into account dozens of various indicators.

This gives an efficiency boost to the ad campaigns and publisher’s income as well.

Multi-channel ads

We have developed HTML5 banners that are displayed on all devices and all browsers.

Ad display is personalized in real time and cross-platform solution helps to create super-efficient ad campaigns.

We have developed a unique conversion cost optimizer, so you will always be accurate with your conversion cost and always in control of your marketing budget.

Just set the initial click cost, learning time and target conversion cost, and leave the rest to our optimizer! Have fun and enjoy efficiency of operation with our intellectual traffic purchase system!

We are offering you the best solution at the market to monetize all your traffic! Now you don’t have to look for two different solution for mobile and web. We have found and gathered all you need in one intuitive interface.

We offer solutions for websites and apps of any category, we purchase all types of traffic – from banners to clickunders! Start monetizing your ad space right now!

Our support managers are ready to help you 24×7!

We assign individual account managers to our large scale partners – they will help you to make your monetization even better!